Content Area: Arts Integrated Curriculum

This course will encourage high school students to become compassionate global citizens and leaders though mock demo classes, interactive discussions, and hand- on experience with elementary school students as they develop a culminating community performance event.

Through active participation in arts-integrated curriculum that uses music, movement and theatre as modalities to learn more about themselves and the world we share, high school students will be able to identify and practice the five core emotional intelligence competencies.

Students will also be equipped and empowered through singing, moving, listening, and playing to deliver arts-integrated instruction to early elementary students that reflects the competencies above – and culminates in a community performance event designed to showcase the skills they have developed, celebrate world culture, and open doors to conversation about diversity, compassion and tolerance.


Content Area: Immersive Learning

Ten 60-minute learning sessions per cohort

  • Sessions consist of immersive learning content, putting participants in the shoes of individuals and exploring intersectionality, with a highlight on racial identities and their differences and similarities
  • Facilitated follow-up debrief sessions for groups Custom film documenting learning journey
  • Short film made in collaboration with a local filmmaker documenting students’ learning journey throughout the Empathable experience


Content Area: Intersectionality

These courses will use intersectionality as the driving force for students to build empathy towards themselves and others in their class. The first session will be the interactive introduction to intersectionality, followed by a deeper dive into different components of the students’ identities every week after the original course.

The sessions will all include an interactive component that will challenge the students to create their own content that reinforces the theme of the week and allows them to internalize the message of the workshop. The content will be recorded and used to create an online library allowing others to access the content.